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(For NYC properties only. All other areas call for price)




Fannie Mae1004 (03/2005)Single Family$375.00
Fannie Mae1004C (03/2005)Single Family $375.00
Fannie Mae1004D (03/2005)Single Family $375.00
Fannie Mae1025 (03/2005)Two-Family $475.00
Fannie Mae1025 (03/2005)Three-Family$525.00
Fannie Mae1025 (03/2005)Four-Family $550.00
Fannie Mae1073 (03/2005)Condo $375.00
Fannie Mae1090 (03/2005) Co-op $375.00
Fannie Mae 2055 (03/2005) Single Family (Exterior only) $300.00
FHLMC 71B (8/77) Commercial Call
FW-68 (12/82) Land $375.00 
Narrative Commercial Call
Recertification of Value Residential $150.00 
Other Residential/Commercial Call  

Our service area includes the 5 boroughs of New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Suffolk and Nassau counties.

The fees listed above apply only to property appraisals in the 5 boroughs of New York City and lower Westchester County and are subject to change based on complexity of the assignment. 

Payment is due on the day of inspection and payable by cash, personal check, certified funds or money order. Fees paid by personal check are subject to bank clearance before appraisal work can begin.

Note: We don't provide "comp checks" as part of our service.